Class Action Consulting

In the plaintiffs’ class action bar, it is an open secret that small tweaks to a company’s business model can have tremendous impacts on their exposure to class litigation.

By the time a company is sued, the only tools available to defense counsel are: (1) spin the evidence, (2) hide the evidence, or (3) destroy the evidence. Because the stakes can be so high, a surprising number of defense counsel choose to hide or destroy evidence. Of course these strategies often backfire, compounding client problems.

But what if you could change the evidence before a dispute goes to court? What if you could ensure that the evidence presented precludes liability, or makes a class impossible to certify? Our firm strives to do exactly that. Using more than a decade of experience building cases against America’s top companies, we review your business model from top to bottom.  We then recommend changes that discourage the filing of class actions, and ensure that the evidence in any future class case is as favorable as possible to your interests.

If you are a medium to large business with standardized products or services, it is inevitable that you will incur fees to defend class actions. Isn’t it better to expand a fraction of those monies on a holistic preventative strategy?

Your case is important.

Let's discuss it, and find out how we can help. We never charge for an initial consultation.

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