Class Actions

The Restis Law Firm specializes in class actions.

Class litigation starts when an individual feels wronged by a product or service, an investment, or even an employer.  Due to modern business practices like standardization and automation, if a company injures you, they likely have injured thousands of others in a very similar way. Some examples we have encountered are:

  1. policies, loopholes and fine print that cheat customers out of value, by taking money and giving little or nothing in return;
  2. executives and managers that provide misleading information about the value of an investment;
  3. undisclosed or improper fees from financial institutions such as banks and credit cards;
  4. false advertising of widely distributed products or services; and
  5. systematic failure to pay wages by employers.

These are just a few of the many ways companies can injure their customers in the same way, over and over. For this reason, class actions usually involve relatively small disputes that would be uneconomical to litigate individually. As one Supreme Court Justice said, “only a lunatic or fanatic sues for $30.” Class actions are the only realistic way most consumers and investors can get compensated for their losses.

A class action is very different from what most people expect when they think “litigation”. The biggest difference is that a class action is focused predominantly on what the defendant’s conduct. All the mud slinging, and digging into a representative’s personal and financial life, is generally not tolerated in class actions. This is because the relevant scope of inquiry into a class representative concerns two things. First, the class representative must provide documents and testimony that substantiate their interaction with the defendant, and resulting injury. Second, they must demonstrate their suitability as a class representative, which involves issues such as trustworthiness and conflicts with the rest of the class.

Our clients routinely report feelings of deep satisfaction from participating in class actions. It is an important role that empowers consumers and investors, and encourages good corporate citizenship.

We take class cases on contingency only, which means you are never liable to us for attorney’s fees or litigation costs.

If you believe you have a dispute or injury that might make a good class action, we are happy to evaluate your claim and walk you through the process of being a class representative.

Your case is important.

Let's discuss it, and find out how we can help. We never charge for an initial consultation.

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