The Restis Law Firm focuses on high stakes, complex problems, using the latest techniques and technology to give clients a winning edge.

Client Focused, Custom Solutions

The threat of litigation can be daunting. Most clients find it confusing, stressful, and generally unpleasant. Your life or your company may literally be on the line. That’s why we make every effort to take the weight off your shoulders, by fighting your battles for you. We always make sure you are fully counseled, fully heard, and fully represented. And we leverage all aspects of your dispute to help achieve your goals.

The Restis Law Firm is constantly searching for creative, cost effective ways to resolve client problems. This is because each dispute is unique, and often has a future, not just a past. We will always have your back (and your front).

We always make sure you are fully counseled, fully heard, and fully represented.

Cutting Edge Technology

While your life and business operate on digital technology at lightning speed, American Bar Association statistics reveal that half of all attorneys use no more than basic word processing software. The sophisticated productivity and analytics technology used by nearly every other industry is almost nowhere to be found. That is an unsuccessful approach to the practice of law.

We searched the globe for the latest technology to build a law firm from the ground up. We use it to streamline the busy work, interact with clients more seamlessly, and lower overhead. This translates directly into lower hourly rates and reduced billing. More importantly, it frees up mental energy and increases creativity.

Perhaps most exciting, data mapping systems and even artificial intelligence allow us to dive deeply into complex evidence to identify patterns, trends, and insights that are absolutely invisible to all but the most sophisticated lawyers. While the overwhelming majority of attorneys practice with the accuracy of a WWII bomber, The Restis Law Firm offers the precision of a laser-guided missile. For this reason, we have never been more excited to practice law.

We Are Not Currently Accepting New Projects.

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