Whistleblower Representation

Whistleblower laws are vital to ensure fraud can be safely reported and stopped. They offer protection to the whistleblower, and potentially significant compensation if regulators prosecute wrongdoers.

Companies defrauding government programs hurt us all. Every year, billions in tax dollars are misappropriated through fraud. This leaves less money for healthcare programs like Medicare and Medi-Cal, or military and infrastructure projects intended to benefit everyone. The False Claims Act and related state laws provide mechanisms to safely report the fraud and help the government collect.

Fraud is also pervasive on Wall Street. Traders manipulate markets through algorithms and complex software. Insiders abuse their access to non-public information to front-run and deceive retail investors. These and other schemes undermine confidence in markets, cause billions in investor harm, and ensure a select few enjoy riskless profits. Whistleblower programs run by the SEC and CFTC allow illegal activity to be reported and pursued.

The only way to stop fraud is to report it. We can help.

It’s not easy to come forward and report fraud. Find out why some of America’s top whistleblowers trust The Restis Law Firm.

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