Crypto and Blockchain

We subscribe to the notion that blockchain technology and crypto-assets represent the most important technological development since creation of the internet. That central tenant has become the backbone of our blockchain practice.

We strive to foster a regulatory environment that protects both investors and developers. After all, hardly anyone benefits from the “wild west” imagery that often accompanies blockchain projects. In order for the space to mature and obtain mainstream acceptance, legal clarity and balanced regulation are essential.

We’re not just taking a backseat as the law develops. We help shape it. This is why investors and developers look to The Restis Law Firm to protect their blockchain projects and investments.

For example, the firm is counsel for investors in In re Tezos Securities Litigation, the first class action challenging whether an initial coin offering (ICO) complies with United States securities law. This important lawsuit will help define the legal status of ICOs, and puts us on the short list of law firms with real world experience in blockchain law.

We’re not just taking a backseat as the law develops. We help shape it.

We also work with companies seeking to raise capital and tokenize their stock and bond issuance. This puts us on the cutting edge of the Securities Token Offering (STO) revolution. One of the biggest developments in coming years will be the migration of traditional securities markets to the blockchain. Stocks, bonds, and other capital market activities will all be tokenized. We can help navigate this delicate process. And when investors or regulators threaten litigation, we stand as a sword and shield to protect clients’ business plan and competitive position.

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