Business Litigation and Shareholder Rights

Business litigation and shareholder rights disputes are high stakes, complex matters. For companies and their shareholders, proper dispute resolution can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

We help clients protect their rights whether it be through mediation, arbitration or litigation in state and federal courts.

Our Business Litigation Practice

Representing corporate clients requires an understanding of business objectives, not just legal check boxes. We know that disputes can negatively impact day-to-day operations, office productivity and goodwill. That’s why we make every effort to learn your business from top to bottom. By understanding your unique needs, we can provide cost-benefit analysis of all available options.

Our holistic approach helps protect your business plan, balance sheet, and competitive position. We view each of these as critical components of client success. And while we always work to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, we never back down from a fight.

Class Action Defense

Because we represent both plaintiffs and corporate defendants, we have deep insight into the strategies and goals of both sides. When we are class action defense counsel, clients have access to all the tricks and secrets of the plaintiffs’ bar. This inside knowledge translates into tangible results. For example, we have obtained prompt dismissal in several complex class actions. One case was dismissed – not settled – a mere 73 days after William was retained.

We Protect Shareholder Rights

When controlling shareholders or management abuse their power, minority shareholders often suffer. As such, an important part of our corporate practice is representing shareholders in disputes with business partners and management. We help shareholders demand inspection of books and records, make shareholder motions, and enforce corporate rights through derivative litigation.

Efficient Representation

A bloated legal team can quickly become a losing strategy, no matter how talented they might be. We run a lean practice because having cost advantages over your opponent has tremendous strategic value. It allows you to fight longer and harder without sacrificing the business you are trying to protect.

While quality isn’t cheap, we make every effort to cut overhead, automate the mundane, and rely on advanced technology to make your legal budget more productive.


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